Rudy Wallace (27 Dec 2010)
"REF David.....Cracker Barrell boycott"

David Daughtrey (25 Dec 2010)
"TO ALL DOVES :Time to boycott Cracker Barrel"
O.K. guys.  Its time for a boycott and a barrage of complaint letters to be sent to Cracker Barrell.  You can find their corporate address online.  This is ironic, to say the least, seeing how most of the Cracker Barrell business here in the south on Sundays is church folks gathering for a meal.  What's next?  Forbidding the church crowd from saying grace?  I think its time that we become the ones who are "offended" and if Cracker Barrell does not change this policy and apologize to us Christians, then I say we vote with our feet and find another Sunday dinner gathering place.  Let the heathens have Cracker Barrell if that's what they want.
And what about all those Christmas trees and Christmas decorations in the old country store part of the business?  Are they going to be labelled differently as well so as not to offend non Christians?
Lets empty the Cracker Barrell parking lot by staying away from that place and watch for the closed/out of business signs to go up on the door.  Enough is enough!
Perhaps we cannot stop the lunancy, but we can withdraw our support of such establishments and spend our dollars elsewhere.