Rowina (8 Dec 2010)
"Even I saw a clock number confirmation"

I don't tend to look for number confirmations.  I don't disbelieve what others see, but I feel it is
not MY path to look for number confirmations.   I am very interested in what others say about it.

But last night I gave in.  I was awake in the middle of the morning hours, around three o'clock AM, and thinking of the times
I've had supernatural experiences from God.  These have not been frequent, but they have happened every few years.
One was a vision of the Lord in the sky, another was a feeling of experiencing the rapture, and another was feeling that
my husband walked right through me two hours after his death.  These things do NOT happen every day, and I was saying
to the Lord, did these really happen, and why do I doubt that they are real?  Is it because I am told so many times by some
Christians that the Lord does NOT send supernatural things in these days?  Or is it because I was raised in a secular
humanist academic family where such things were considered not only false but degrading...something only an emotional
cripple would experience, something for the psychiatrist's couch?  And so on and so on.

So finally I said to the Lord, if these things were real and you are actually coming for your people soon, let me see the
time I imagine it is now on the clock in the bathroom (there is no clock in the bedroom).  I thought about what time it might
be and I settled on 3:22 AM.  I can't wear a watch so there was no time piece in the room.

But then I cried a few minutes, before trying to get out of bed (a painful exertion at best) thinking how sad it was that I
doubted the Lord and was what Nancy Missler called "double minded", believing and not believing at the same time.
So I thought, if it was 3:22 when I put up my fleece, then it must be a few minutes later now.

When I got into the bathroom, after a big struggle to make the body get there, and almost forgetting my fleece about the
clock, I did glance at the clock.  Yes, 3:22.

But another clock in the kitchen, where I went to get some water, recorded a time a few minutes faster, just the amount
of time faster that I had been lying in bed bemoaning my double mindedness.

It's rather difficult, you see, to live as a member of a secular humanist academic family, which is not even into New Age
or any "religion", and have these supernatural experiences from God.  All I can say is, to Him a great big Thank You, Lord!

3:22 does not mean anything to me other than this was the time of the fleece which was answered.  And the answered
fleece means that my supernatural experiences from God were real, in spite of what "everyone" might say who is not
on the Five Doves.

Mariel Rowina