Rowina (31 Dec 2010)
"A little New Year's miracle!"

Well!  I had a miracle tonight, an answer to prayer.

I had been wrestling with my e-mail program with Earthlink for weeks.  My
son, who is more computer savvy, wrestled for weeks, and talked to "Earthlink"
in India (where their techs hang out) for hours.  I talked to a tech for an hour and
a half one day.  And India called me the other day because my previous "session"
had been unsuccessful in restoring my ability to send mail out on Earthlink.  I worked
with that tech for about 45 minutes, then had to abandon efforts because I had to go
to an appointment to have my chemo-therapy shot.

My son set up a gmail account for me, and I used it for a week or so.  However,
I had been with Earthlink for many years, and had many useful links.

During the early morning hours of December 30, an hour ago, I awoke feeling
very distressed.  I needed God to help me.  I reached out to Him and asked Him
to show me He is there, caring for me, by restoring my Earthlink mail program.
I told Him I would call India yet again, and He could have this call restore my
program.  Even though more than four hours of previous effort over weeks had failed.

Within four minutes, I sent my first test mail out, and it went!  For the first
time in weeks, without the tech I was talking to doing anything except talk to me!
What a beautiful answer to prayer.  What a lovely sound, hearing my mail go out,
and then receiving it in my in-box!

The tech in India wished me a happy New Year, and I wished him the same.
His voice was so kind, it was as if I spoke with an angel.  Possibly not an angel,
but a human being filled with the Spirit.

Mariel Rowina