Rowina (31 Dec 2010)
"To Barry on the Narrow Way"

You asked what we Doves think about the narrow way:  is it giving up efforts toward self-righteousness,
and accepting that Jesus' righteousness is attributed to us?  A brief answer:  yes.

A longer answer:  I too have been listening to various thoughts on this subject, around the internet.
Good input comes from Grace through Faith, the tapes on Hebrews 10 which are posted last night (12/29/10).
Also good input has come over the years from Daniel's Glasses.

HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You mention the thief on the cross being saved at once by accepting Jesus.  Yes, that's the narrow way.
One does not have to do anything more than accept Him.

If one truly accepts Him, one gradually becomes sanctified, but that is not necessary for salvation--the thief on the
cross was instantly saved by truly accepting the Lord.

Isn't it wonderful?