Reddhy (9 Dec 2010)
"Re: Rudy Wallace"

Rudy,You Said: "Look for the Psalms 83 war and the destruction of Damascus any day now.  Then listen for the announcement of the signing and confiming of the covenant with many.  Then look up and tune your ears for the sound of the trumpet."
My Reply: I usually don't respond to posts because I just prefer being a sponge, lurking around and absorbing all the letters. This time I just felt compelled to throw in a little viewpoint of mine. Anyways here it goes. I have to disagree with you that we will be here for the psalm 83 war. This is because I believe the Psalm 83 and the Magog war is the same war because if you read it carefully you'll notice that its speaking of the same invading northern armies that joins alongside with Gog, although Gog is not specifically mentioned in Psalm 83. Also, it declares that it is God Himself who will overthrow those invading armies just like it states in Ezekiel 38 about the Gog war. Another point is that in order for the arab armies to feel
emboldened to attack Israel in such a manner, that means the U.S. must have suffered a major military
defeat that will make it impossible for her to help defend Israel. Which in turn means that such a war has to happen after the rapture takes place. Most likely at the time of the fighting of that war, the U.S. will be spread sooooo very thin, trying to defend ---South Korea from North Korea, -----Taiwan from China ---- Iran from getting the nukes ---- U.S. involved in so many wars at the same time that the arabs will then seize the opportunity along with Russia to advance upon Israel.