Raul D  (28 Dec 2010)
"tribulation money used in 2011"

5 Doves

I want to talk about the new money Ken Peters saw in the Tribulation vision, this new money
he seen is said to enter Circulation in February 2011.. they already have it printed, if they wanted
to put it out earlier they could lets say in the begining of January. please notice how he describes
the figures not at the center but slightly to the side, with other details. below is the links.

Ken Peters - 'I Saw the Tribulation' - Part 5/13
50 second mark onwards talks about the new money.


Video of new 100 dollar bill presentation


were in the near end times almost at the start of tribulation. How much more do we
need to see, the AC's Money will enter circulation in 2011 the same money seen by Ken
Peters being used in the Tribulation.