Paul Wilson (8 Dec 2010)
"these numbers are astounding"

Ok given the numbers I just put up for the under 14 pop and rapture I thought about more numbers. I am using a rapture percentage of about 29% of the current population (6.89 Billion) or 2 Billion people with 75% being children (3-1 ratio). We would then have 4.89 Billion people. Through the seal and trumpet judgments half of that population will die. Now the 2.445 Billion left we will take out I estimate half of what would be left of the population who says they are Christian (2.2 B ‚€“ 500 M (adults) in rapture 1.7 B) will come to now Christ and be killed that gives us a total of 850 M saved and martyred during the tribulation. Now we have 1.595 Billion left. Now after the vials (bowls) there is a great hail and I will conservatively estimate half dying in the hail (Though I am pretty sure it will be more) leaving 797.5 Million left at the return. Using a conservative estimate again I say half will die when Jesus returns by ‚€œthe sword coming out of his mouth‚€ per scripture. That would leave 398,750,000 people to enter the MK.
That means that in the tribulation 4,491,250,000 will die or a almost 92% casualty rate. This would rank up there with the flood as far as extinction events. The flood having a casualty rate of over 99.99%. The only other event that will compare is the death of those who rebel at the end of the 1000 years when satan is loose to seduce people to rebel which would probably be in the 90's percentagewise.