Paul Wilson (21 Dec 2010)
"Re: Re Paul Wilson - Hal Lindsey"

Well I was just reporting what Hal said. My question regarding the cardinal and rabbi were aimed toward the ID of the FP. I haven’t heard any one ID him yet.
Marshall (20 Dec 2010)
"Re: Paul Wilson - Hal Lindsey"

Not at all intending to pour cold water on your search, however, I find it difficult, if not almost impossible, after reading the works of Ron Reece, John Tng, and others on the front page – to even consider another candidate as the anti-Christ, other Barack Obama.  Their numerical Gematria findings are absolutely astounding when I first read them many months ago, and still are.


Hal Lindsey

On todays program he mentioned the Roman AC being a gentile political leader with religious connections and the False Prophet as a Israeli religious leader with political connections. He mention the beast of the sea coming from the gentile nations or “sea” and the beast of the land coming from Israel or “the land”. What are your thoughts on this?? Are there any cardinals from Israel?? Any important rabbis we should look at???