Patty Hayes (24 Dec 2010)
"The Night Before... (A Christmas Story for All)"


The Night Before…

T’’was the night before.. when the carolers came and sang their joyous songs of good news and all the glasses were filled with milk and cookies set on plates to await the HO ! HO! HO! from the man in the Red Suit and sleigh.


The candles were lit, the stockings were filled with treats for children throughout many homes. Moms and Dads continued late in the night to wrap last minute gifts in hopes their loved ones will enjoy. Others had arrived for the final Mass at churches nearby to hear the Nativity story told once again.


Had anyone noticed the clouds in the sky? Had anyone noticed a slight movement of stars in the night? Could it be …”Angels We Have Heard on HIGH??”

Sweetly singing o’re the world.. And the Mountains, Hills and Valleys in reply giving o’re their elect hidden from all eyes.


Glory! Glory! In the Sky! Glory! Glory! In the Sky! Announced the Angels from on High! Glory! Glory! In the Sky! Glory! Glory! We take flight!


As morning dawns that Christmas morn, some Moms and Dads , some children entered their kitchen all forlorn. Hearing not the Angels Song sing. No Glory awaited, no present opened for all eyes wide opened for the Great Gift had gone by.


Written by…… Patty Hayes