Mike Curtiss (23 Dec 2010)
"Deborah (22 Dec 2010)"

Dear Deborah and the Doves,
        Not only have I noticed the abrupt changes in weather when Hussein 'vacations', but I'm convinced he's totally aware of whats going on.
        Consider, how many times we have heard that the President is joining his family, which has started their vacation without him? The stories are probably true that Hussein needs his space to carry out homosex acts with Reggie Love his 'body man' I know of a dozen instances over just 2 years.
        How many times have we been told that the first family is vacationing apart? Six times, I'm aware of to date. 
        Lets all come to the obvious conclusion that Hussein is indeed the AntiChrist. I don't know whether to pack up my family and move, or to hide in plain sight? Any thoughts Doves?