Michael Colunga (11 Dec 2010)

Hello, John and Doves,
Hola, Ola!
It might interest you to know that December 21st is the 14th of Tevet.
That being so, the 21st is the day of a full moon.
In the early morning, the full moon should be low in the west, before sunrise.
If the full moon is shining through your bathroom window,
you may not need to turn on the light to "do your business!"
May the LORD come quickly for His Bride!
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Ola Ilori (10 Dec 2010)

Hi Jon,

It's looking less likely that Gooner's dream will come to pass this Month.

Most High schools close for Christmas on the 17th of December 2010.

Below are the Sunrise times in Los Angeles until the 17th of December 2010.

Gooner said the rapture occured at about 6:30AM, on a Day when he didn't need to use the bathroom light to get ready for school.

It looks like to me, he'll need it for the following Days.

Gooner please confirm this.

10 Dec 2010 06:48 Friday

11 Dec 2010 06:49 Saturday

13 Dec 2010 06:50 Monday

14 Dec 2010 06:51 Tuesday

15 Dec 2010 06:52 Wednesday

16 Dec 2010 06:52 Thursday

17 Dec 2010 06:53 Friday

Graduation, as I understand it, will be some time in May/June 2011.

This means Gooner's dream,if it doesn't come to pass this Month, will occur sometime between January and June next Year.
Gooner wrote:
school starts winter break at December 17. but I leave the US and head to China on the 15th. i head over to LAX airport and leave my house at 8:15am because of the scheduled taxi.

6:30am is when i actually get out of bed to get ready for school. not washing my face or something. that is, i usually do that by like 6:45am or something.

6:48am-6:53am is literally the exact time when i get done washing my face, and i head on over to the window where the towels are (just like the dream, where then i heard this insanely loud shout causing all the cars down at the freeway to screech and get into accident, it seems)

in my dream, it was early morning and i was washing my face when it happened, so I ASSUME it happen when i get ready for school because it looked like it, but it may mean that I was getting ready for other things like me getting ready to pack and leave to LAX airport? yeah many things fit.

now things are starting to get a little dark in the morning than it is in my dream. i can still see everything without needing the bathroom light but it looks like dawn is like 10% darker than my what i saw in my dream. keep watching because I'll wake up on the 15th a litttttttle later than i normally do for school so that should make the things fit into piece.
Hi Gooner,

Thanks for making your dream much clearer, it really helps.

When it is 06:45 AM in Los Angeles on the 15th of December 2010, it will already be a new Day, the 16th of December 2010, in Jerusalem!

The time will be 16:45 PM on that Day.

For the 16th of December 2010, in Jerusalem, will start at 16:37 PM, at Sunset!

This means we can now expect the Rapture to occur on the 16th of December 2010 [which is correctly the 9th of Cheshvan] at sometime between 16:40 PM and 17:00PM [Jerusalem Time].