Mercer (11 Dec 2010)
"Vortex=Blue Spiral of Norway=Dec 9, 2009=my rapture dream"

Decemeber 9, 2009 I had my "I felt the rapture" dream. 10 days later I had a dream were I saw evil enter the world......and I read this? Surely no coincedence.
Wikileaks is meant to set us up to loose our internet freedom......keep a sharp eye on these next 10 days.
This is an absolutely fascinating read.....its got everything....Blue spiral last December 9th....Gulf of Edan vortex tied to it. Now Jupiters ring coming back...all tied together


Some of what is in the long article:





To what is contained in the United States secret “Gulf of Aden Vortex” file WikiLeaks has in its possession and is threatening to release it is not in our knowing.

What is in our knowing though is what the ancients had to say about the Gulf of Aden vortex, but which they described as the Eye of Ra (aka Eye of Horus) [photo bottom left] that was personified in the ancient Egyptian goddess Wadjet, a fierce goddess depicted as a lioness warrior and protector, and as the sun goddess whose eye later became the eye of Horus, the eye of Ra, and is also known as the Lady of Flame.

According to these ancient legends, should our human race ever threaten to destroy the Earth, Wadjet would return in “righteous wrath” through the “vortex” of the Eye of Ra to do battle with those who are “defying” the gods and their plans for humankind.

Not known to most people about this most powerful, and feared, ancient Egyptian goddess, Wadjet, is that humanities oldest recorded religious celebration was held in her honor and called the “Going Forth of Wadjet”, celebrated for thousands of years, under too many different names and religious incarnations to count, on December 25th, but called in today’s World Christmas.

So, as we near another Christmas time in World, yet again, gone mad with war and the lust for death, and as humanity struggles under the tyrannical yoke of its elite masters enslaving them more and more as each day passes, and as too many “signs” to mention in one sitting begin to appear around us, one can wonder about what’s next to come.