Marcia McCaslin (8 Dec 2010)
"Re: Linda Landau's Urgent Prayer Request"

Linda, I consider it a privilege to pray for Joshua. Thank you for posting your concern.

Something came to mind as I was gathering my thoughts on just exactly how to approach God with this heartbreaking problem. I had watched several 'food-related' documentaries lately thru Netflix, and I believe it was in 'Food Matters' that I came across the story of the lady who sat all day in a dark corner, would not eat or interact with her family, and her psychiatrist had her on the regular mood-altering prescription drugs, all to no avail.

One day somebody (I forget now he fit in) told her to try high doses of niacin. They did and she came out of the corner and acted like a normal member of the family.  Then perhaps it was the Psychiatrist said, no, such high does are not good for her and will hurt her--so they took her off the niacin and put her back on the mood altering drugs and she went back to the corner.

They do have the non-flush niacin available on the market. It is not epensive.

My own son, Joel, changed his whole personality between the ages of 8 and 9, but this was many years ago and nobody talked about bi-polar then.  He never has gone back to the sweet and laughing disposition he had, but has remained manic on a whirlwind high or so low he cannot get out of bed. He started self medicating with drugs years and years ago and created a new problem for himself. He reads and 'talks' the Bible continually, though, I am going to suggest niacin to him if I see him again (on this side) although no one has heard from him in quite a few months.

To get back to where I came in, LOL, I shall certainly pray for Joshua.

Trusting in Jesus,