Lynnette (30 Dec 2010)
"South Storms again Friday"


Dear Doves,
I eagerly anticipate  the Lord's coming more when I see weather reports like this one.  I consider He may come
for us during that very time- and being it is the last day of 2010

In the Bible, Zechariah 9 mentions the Lord"will march in the storms of the south"

Severe Weather Returns to the South Friday

A major snowstorm rolling across the Plains will also produce severe storms across the South Friday.

It is not uncommon to have severe weather events during the month of December across the South. There are two main reasons why. First, the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means warm weather and higher humidity can feed the storms, and second, the jet stream is situated across the southern tier of the country and provides intense lift needed to produce thunderstorms.

These factors will come together Friday to produce a band of severe storms from eastern Texas through Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. The storms will develop ahead of a cold front that will plow across the South, bringing an end to the nice, warm weather. Storms will start in Texas and Arkansas and should move east with time during the day Friday.

The impacts with the storms will be damaging wind gusts, hail and heavy rain. A tornado or two will be possible as well.

Places that may be affected by the storms will be Little Rock, Shreveport, Houston and Jackson. 2/severe-weather-returns-to-the.asp