Lydia (29 Dec 2010)
"re: responses to Amanda"

I love the varied responses to Amanda's pouring out her heart here.  All were kind and loving and appropriate, but each was different.  One response was very "to the point" about what the steps Amanda needs to take, one included a very beautiful prayer, and one seemed in the spirit of a best friend or mother offering comfort and solace.

To me this illustrates how we need other believers around us to get the most balanced input and advice regarding the difficult and painful experiences we have in life.  We are all different, and we all have unique insight to offer to others.  

My family experienced incest at the hands of my father back in the 60's, but back then no one talked about it, or did anything even if they knew, it seems..  The scars remain in my siblings' lives.  My dad left before I fell victim to him, for which I am so very thankful.

Thank you for sharing, Amanda, and thank you, Robert, Suzi, and Nicole, for your Godly and caring replies.  Each of you blessed me.  The love of the Father is so evident here, and I praise God for John and all the Doves.

In His love,