Lydia (27 Dec 2010)
"to Barry re: how guys feel"

Barry, thanks so much for your very well-thought-out response to my question!  You articulated so well some very deep things that God has revealed to you, and I have a feeling that your letter will help other men (and women) to have a better understanding of their own position in Christ, and of our Father's deep desire for loving relationship with each of us..  You have given us all a lot to meditate on and pray about as we seek to go deeper with the Lord.

And again, thank you, Joe Till, for sharing that great dream and starting a thread that I believe will bear fruit in many lives as we embrace the truth of God.  

May God's peace be with each of you Doves and your loved ones as we celebrate our Savior's leaving the glories of Heaven and coming to this earth to become the Word made Flesh. All praise and glory and honor to our Eternal God!

Your sister in Christ,