LL (27 Dec 2010)
"re: Prayer Request"



Did Suzi mean 'daughter' and future son-in-law I hope?  I pray this was a typo or maybe not all of the story was conveyed properly?

Thanks for any clarification.




My son and future son-in-law are driving up to visit his parents the say after Christmas. We live in Central California, and they are up right on the Oregon/Washington border. It's a long drive, and we've been having some wacky weather. I am very upset, because the plan all along was for his mom to buy them flights...don't know the details of why they are driving now. I just let them both know I was not happy with it. Last year, we were estranged, and I worry for another incident.. I don't know what it is, maybe spiritual attack, but it seems that when we should have the best 'family time' is when some of the worse 'family discord' happens.

Please pray for these kids (both are 25), on this drive. Pray also that our night tonight goes smoothly (they are going to stay here, with the girls sharing a bed like when they were little)...I want it to be a good Christmas...last year was so dark, and painful.

Blessings to all!

Merry Christmas.