Linda Landau (8 Dec 2010)
"Praying for You"

Praying for you and your families.  God is good all the

Denise (7 Dec 2010)
"Requesting prayer please..."

Please pray for my son (Adam) -- he's 17 - using drugs - not sure about his Salvation.  Please pray for the Lord to take the blinders off, open his eyes and be his Lord and Savior.  Please pray that the Lord would break the cycle of drug addiction in his life.  We need a miracle!!!   God bless you & and thank you! 

R.B. (7 Dec 2010)
"heavy heart/ prayer request"

Just  asking  for  some  who  know  how  to  really  pray  effectively  to  pray  for  my  mom  and  brother.   They  both  live  together  and  are  so  entangled  with  strife  it  ain't  funny.  Because  of  that,  they  lash  out  to  everyone  else  who  tries  to  do  them  any  favors.


Yesterday  Mom  got  a  call  from  the  nursing  home  where  her  sister  lives  and  they  told  her  that  she'll  probably  die  soon.  It  could  be  in  days  or  weeks,  they  don't  know.


That's  adding  to  the  tension  now  too  and  I'm  also  concerned  about  my  aunt  that  if  she  does  die  I  want  her  to  be  okay  if  you  know  what  I  mean.


I  didn't  know  her  that  well  when  growing  up  so  I  don't  know  where  she  stands  when  it  comes  to  her  well  being  beyond  this  life.


Mom's  name  is  Grace.  My  brother's  name  is  Frank  and  my  aunt's  name  is  Jan  if  that  helps.


Any  prayer  on  their  behalf  would  be  appreciated.