Linda Landau (9 Dec 2010)
"RE: Linda Landau / praying for you]"

Hello - R.B.  Thank you for the email.  This all started
about a year ago.  Joshua was home schooling with me
and all seemed fine.  His mom got a dog and decided
somebody needed to be with the dog so she kept Joshua
home by himself, unsupervised with full access to the
computer.  He was gaming with some bad guys.  They
were encouraging him to try cough syrup and cold meds,
etc.  In the mean time he told his mom he was depressed.
So she takes him to the pediatrician and they put him on
Prozac which was a really bad thing.  It has gone down
hill ever since.  He has overdosed on various over-the-
counter drugs four times and been admitted to the hospital.
He was admitted one time for cutting himself.  This last
time he got into an argument with his mom and she did
a stupid thing and put him out of the car and left him.  He
headed right for the grocery store and stole a large bottle
of wine and 4 packages of an over-the-counter sleep aid
totalling 40 pills.  This is what put him in the hospital for
the past two weeks.  While in there he tried to hang
himself with the sleeves to his shirt.  He almost died.
He lost consciousness, control of his bowels.  He said
he regained a little bit of consciousness and decided
he didn't want to die so he struggled out of the noose.
He neck looks really bad.  He has been on suicide watch.
The doctors are continually changing his antidepressants.
So, this is it in a nutshell.  I feel so sad.  I know God is
in control but once in a while I lose it.  I was so angry
this afternoon - I said some "bad" words; slammed some
things around; screamed and cried until I got some of this
out of my system.  Of course, I had to repent.  This is
the worst thing I have had to endure in my life. I don't
blame all this on Joshua.  He was given way too much
freedom and no guidance or limitations on his lifestyle.
No that things are being taken away from him - well,
he is having a hard time with it.  Per the doctors, Joshua
will be sent to a mental health group home for young people
for 4 1/2months then an additional 4 1/2 months to an
substance abuse group home.  This worries me about
the security of such places are not always good.
I will be more than happy to add your brother to my
prayer list.
God bless you for contacting me.
Much love,