Laurie Hane (10 Dec 2010)
"April-- the most important aspect of salvation"

  What a well thought out presented e-mail.  There are several of us here that know the truths that you presented, you're not alone.  It makes a hugh impact on ones life when you realize that your life here is really for a revealed is not just to get through or occasionally get with it and try a little harder with this lofty idea that we'll all just sit around and glorify God in heaven for all eternity and that is about all there is too this Christian life thing.  Not that glorifying God in heaven isn't a lofty goal, but even that will be subject to the degree we got personal with God here on this earth.  Thank goodness that it is His work in us that brings us to the state of sanctification cuz I could NEVER do it alone.  I have heard so many people say they will just "throw there crowns back to the Lord" as if that is some pious Christian thing to do when in actuality, Christ is equipping his hierarchy for the ages to come.  Once Christ has past judgment at the Bema Seat of Christ and has handed out the crowns (see Rev. 2-3), there will be NO human laying down Crowns to Christ.  The 24 elders seen doing that in Rev. 4 are the ruling powers in heaven prior to Christ coming into power, so therefore the body of Christ could also not be in a position to rule prior to Christ taking up rulership because were all connected.  Enough of that.
   Thank you for sharing and spreading the joy that I too have felt over the wonder of why God chose me to see these truths.  They are indeed life changing.     Laurie