Kent Crumpler (22 Dec 2010)
"Re: Deborah's Post about Nibiru"

I watched the you tube video on the possibility of this planet, object, comet, or whatever it is, coming by Earth in 2011. This is interesting to me because as I was listening to the video, the man described some of the effects of this going by. Particularly very high winds and tsunamis in many places.
I had a vision probably a year or a year and a half ago about two men standing in front of some tall buildings, like what would be found in a large city, and a huge wind came up and blew their toupees off of their heads and then instantly I was standing near the shore of an ocean in between some high rise condos and I look out towards the ocean and see a very large wave of water (about as tall as the high-rise condo) getting ready to hit land and then the vision stopped.
I sometimes forget to post the visions I've had, but this video reminded me of this one. I didn't know what the vision meant other than I've read in the bible about a strange wind, tempestuous winds and even fanning. I interpret these verses to be describing some sort of very strong winds but I did not know the source or what event might cause these winds.
In Christ,