Jimmy Lishman (23 Dec 2010)
"HE is calling HIS children home..."

Hi Doves,

Awesome reveal this morning in my quiet time with the LORD.

I asked HIM again, can it really be that 63 years have passed since the budding of the fig tree and that there are only 7 years lef and where does that leave us as to when the Rapture should take place.

The LORD answered “It is not coincidence that the time is now, as the next Jubilee will follow the tribulation time.


I just got into my office when the phone rang: it was our church prayer group leader that asked me to urgently pray for the following case.

One of our missionary families in India, who have been there for 10 years came to visit their family here in South Africa for the Christmas season and were informed that their visas cannot be renewed – The LORD answered me  “I am calling my children HOME………..”

Diplomats are usually called home just before a war is declared….


Love in the COMING KING of KINGS