Jimmy Lishman (21 Dec 2010)
"Signs and seasons in the Moon & Sun"

Hi Doves,

We are all aware of Pastor Mark Biltz Tetrads for 2014-2015 and that they were preceded by the 3 Solar Eclipses on 9th Av 2008,2009 & 2010

Strategists in any sphere of life watch for signs that complement each other to determine their actions and verify their assumptions,

Well In Jewish scriptures a Solar eclipse spells judgement on the Gentiles and a Blood red moon, Judgement on the Jews.

Keeping in mind that the last 3 years had Solar Eclipses on 9th of Av, which would spell judgement on the gentiles, I was watching BBC News on Monday 20th December at around 08h00 and the Financial commentator said with a weary look and a distraught tone of voice, “MAN HAVE WE JUST BEEN THRU THE WORST 3 YEARS Financially, Weather-wise & Natural Disaster wise – how long can it last!”


Well The Last 3 years of Solar eclipses were definitely VERY accurate – Just HOW ACCURATE will the TETRAD in 2014-2015 be!

Hmmm makes you think, there is truth in the Signs & Seasons of THE LORD!

Maranatha LORD JESUS – It has been 63 years since the fig tree has budded…..