Jeffrey Ady (27 Dec 2010)
"Hope for the Hope-"less"...please!"

Not that I am without hope...I am clinging to John 14 ["Let not your heart be troubled...If it were not so I would have told you...I am preparing a place for you...I am coming again to bring you again to be with Myself..."" with all the madness that is in this world, with all the Christ-denying and Jesus-disavowing insanity at the click of a key these days, my heart aches; no, it bleeds out in agony for something real, a major seventh chord of heavenly reality that will usher in some an eternal AMEN that will silence the demonic and fleshly mockery that rends the hearts of every true believer that loves Israel and its Lion, its Lamb of Sacrifice...

Let Us Stand Together
With One Voice
WIth One Heart
With One Message
Yeshua Ha Mashchiah
Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord