Jean Stepnoski (30 Dec 2010)
"The Last Day in 2010 to Av 9 in 2011"

Dear Doves,
      To start from this year, I have counted 220 days from 12-31, 2010 until the date of conclusion. It ends on the evening beginning Av 9, one of the minor fast days according to the prophet Zechariah. This is a day to remember Jerusalem. It is a day to remember The Temple that was destroyed. If the last day of this year is the day of The Blessed Hope, might it also see other prophecies fulfilled on the same day? Might they include the prophecies about Damascus and the miraculous preservation of Israel?
      I have assumed that the following is a feasible scenario of events: The Blessed Hope, events for Damascus and for Israel which would  mean the fulfilling of many prophecies, supernatural preservation and victories for Israel, the Abrahamic Covenant reaffirmed,  then the command to build the Temple. I had assumed that the events from The Blessed Hope to the command to build the Temple could take several weeks, maybe longer. What if all these events, these  miracles, happen on the same day? Could The Blessed Hope, Damascus event, the miraculous preservation, victory complete, Covenant reaffirmed, and the command to build the Temple all happen on the same day? Might it be a day of tremendous miracles to show extraordinary supernatural presence and authority and power? I wonder if this might be? The Temple could be built and sacrifices begun even earlier than Elul 1 in 2011! Might The Blessed Hope Day, The Last Day for the bride/body of The Messiah/Christ be 12-31-2010? We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,