Jean Stepnoski (27 Dec 2010)
"A Period of 220 Days for Rebuilding Temple and Resuming Sacrifices in 2011?"

Dear Doves,
      If there will be a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem in 2011, when would there be logical times for the rebuilding and the resuming of sacrifices? The earlier would be at the end of 220 days at Nisan 1. There are not 220 days from now to Nisan 1 in 2011. Let us look later to Yom Kippur. This will be 10-7 to 8 in 2011. The 220 days would need to begin by 2-28-2011 to conclude by Yom Kippur. What about Tishri 1 and The Feast of Trumpets? That moves the timeline back to 2-18, subtracting 10 days. If we conclude the 220 days at Elul 1 for a month of Teshuvah, move back to 1-18-2011. What are some implications? By 2-28 as a latest date for beginning of a 220 day timeline, the dispensation of The Age of Grace has ended, the Restrainer departed, and The Blessed Hope transpired. A period under Mosaic law would be ready to be reinstated. From 12-28-2010 to 2-28-2011 is a period of only 60 days ahead. From 12-28 to 1-18 is only 21 days. Does it not appear that the day of The Blessed Hope must be nearly any day now? In the period between The Blessed Hope and the going forward of a Temple rebuilt would be events in Israel, resolution of them, and the beginning of day 1 of the 220 day period transitioning toward another Age of Law again for Israel. Sometime between day 1 and day 220 the Two Witnesses would appear and begin their witness, dressed in sackcloth. The Blessed Hope appears to be nearly any day now. May we be WATCHING!
With Love and Shalom,