Jean Stepnoski (21 Dec 2010)
"A Pattern Within 75 Days: Part II"

Dear Doves,
      As a follow up to my post from yesterday, please look to the link for Blog Talk Radio (Steve Coerper) on the home page. Go to Anakypto Homework and click on the 12-18 book excerpt by Dan Matson. My thanks to Steve and Dan. It gave me a new angle to consider. This is a particular ANGLE OF A CIRCLE to consider.
      The period of The 70th Week of Daniel seen as 7 times 360 days in a Scriptural year, is 2520 days from 11-7 to 8 to Yom Kippur, 9-30-2017. Each year of 360 days can be seen as a circle with 360 degrees.
      When we look to day 52 since 11-7 to 8 we are a little past 1/8th of a year, a little past 1/8th of the circle, from that date. Any 8 can remind us of the Noah stories. We are at 45 days plus 7, going to 8 days to get to 52 going to 53. We have a double 8. We are also going to 8 days past the full moon and lunar eclipse. We have 1/8th of a year, plus 8 days. We also have 1/8th of a circle plus 8 degrees..We also go 8 days past full moon/ lunar eclipse. We have 888.
      The pyramid angle at the Great Pyramid at Giza is 51.85 degrees! Remember, we can round this off as day 52 when we round it off to the next higher number. The pyramid angle may have within it a vital clue as to the date of The Blessed Hope? It is not obvious. First one needs to backward track from Yom Kippur in 2017, 2520 days, then forward 52 days and degrees to see the clue and the connection. The number 52 is also interesting since there are 52 weeks in a solar year! There is emphasis on the concept of a year.
      I doubt we can take 30, 45, or 75 days away from the period after The Second Coming to put instead early in the 2520 day timeline. Another possible choice, we go 52 days as Israel goes to day 53. It is going to the 8th day in 3 contexts. It is basically the pyramid angle number of 51.85 degrees, deeper into the 2520 days and the 2520  compounded degrees! Are we then at The Blessed Hope? We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,