Jean Stepnoski (20 Dec 2010)
"A Pattern Within 75 Days"

Dear Doves,
      Abba Father uses patterns. I have been looking to the 75 days after The Second Coming of days 1260 plus 30 and 45 to get to the blessed day of 1335. What if there is a similar pattern of 75 days, the 30 plus 45 may not apply to it, in the period of day 1 to day 2520? This pattern goes this month to 12-28, which is only 3 days away to the end of 2010. Here is some theory about possible timeline from day 1 to day 1260 of The Hour of Tribulation, The 70th Week of Daniel. In so doing, I ask a major question. Can the bride/ body be here for part, a small part, of The 70th Week? Why not? We are not exempt from tribulation. We are to be spared The Hour of Temptation, the outpouring of judgments and wrath. I think the 75 days can be accounted for, as 52 days plus symbolically the additional 23. The days of increasing tribulation are shortened for some, from 2520 days to 52 days. That is like 1/50th of the period. Does this show mercy, to escape 49/50th? Is there a mini delay of 52 days only, a period of extended grace, then some escape all? As HE promised? The judgment and wrath are after The Restrainer has left.
      The two periods of 75 days are during and then after The Hour of Tribulation, the 70th Week of Daniel. There is pattern to be seen. The bride/ body is a Winter bride, concerning the date 12-28, rather than earlier. Day 1 of the 2520 did begin on 11-7/ 8 with the event of the China made missile. Do forward to 12/ 7-8 for 30 days. Go forward 15 days to 12/ 21. Go forward 7 days to 12-28, which is 10 days past the symbolic 10 day warning to Smyrna on the date of Tevet 10, 21 days past 12/ 7-8, and day 52.. How does day 52 become day 75? Add in the remainder of 23 days for the 23 degrees of tilt on the earth's axis which must go from 23 to zero by The Second Coming of 9/ 30/ 2017. This can happen gradually over 7 years. With this theory, we have the period of 1260, with the Restrainer here within this period. He restrains for 52 days plus the symbolic 23 to get 75 days. At the Second Coming is the 1260 plus 75. The theory balances out the 75 day patterns perfectly. The dates of the Matson timeline apply from the mid point of The Abomination onward.
      In theory, there is a very early Winter bride, all the harvest is complete. The Restrainer restrains until the day 52. I had assumed that the Restrainer would restrain until day 1 of the 2520 days. That may not be correct. The periods of the  Hour of Tribulation or The Hour of Temptation may not be the same periods. Here is more theory. A wilderness period is 40, add the 10 days for Smyrna, and there are 50. Add 3 days. We are promised to be raised up on the third day. It is also only 3 days away from the end of 2010. Add 3 days to 50 and we are at day 52 going to day 53. The date of 12-28 is Tevet 21. Remember Valerie and her Sky Blue 21? It is the day of double blessing, and the traditional day for Jewish weddings. It is the day, like a spiritual bridge, that goes from the third day to the Scriptural day 4, the midst of the menorah day. If we are still here after 12-21, 12-24, and 12-25 these may be some feasible reasons why we remain longer. May we daily WATCH for The Light of His Appearing!
With Love and Shalom,