Jean Stepnoski (11 Dec 2010)
"Tevet 10"

Dear Doves,
      The Rosh Chodesh of Tevet 1 was 12-7, 10 days before Tevet 10. Tevet 10 is the last of the 4 fasts, a Messiah number, of the 4 fasts mentioned by the prophet Zechariah. Could we be in a 10 day delay before The Blessed Hope? We assume that The Blessed Hope is 2520 days away from The Second Coming, or 30 days beyond that date. Might we go from day 2520 to 2510 days into The Hour of Tribulation, before the deliverance of The Blessed Hope? With slight modifications, the Matson timeline would hold true.
      The Book of Revelation has warnings for Ephesus, Smyrna, and Sardis and the 3 other of the 7. Ephesus is warned to repent or lose its lamp stand. What does lamp stand mean? It means a menorah, either 7 or 9 lamps. Is this a timely clue near Hanukkah? The Hanukkah stories include each kind of menorah. Look to Smyrna and the warnings about prison and sufferings for 10 days only. Look to Sardis and a warning about the sudden and unexpected arrival of Messiah/Christ like a thief. Let us combine these warnings into a message. There is the menorah/hanukkiah, then 10 days , then a sudden unexpected one like a thief, deliverance, then the Bema, and the giving of the crown of life! What links these warnings? The link seems to be the day of conclusion, day 10, of a preparatory period of 10 days. Warnings for any 1 of the 6 of the 7, Philadelphia excluded, are warnings for all to heed. The 10 days apply to each of the 7. There seems to be a seasonal Hanukkah warning for final opportunities to become Philadelphians, these only are promised the open door. All the 7 letters apply before the day of The Blessed Hope. What tribulation seems to be indicated? Is it The Great Tribulation? No. Is it open ended general tribulation, experienced since the times recounted in The Book of Acts? No. This is a distinctive period, days specific, for 10 days only and then the absolute promise of release from a kind of prison, suffering, and the limited experience of days of tribulation. There is the promise of the crown of life. The crown of life is given at the Bema, is it not? Will the assessment at the Bema and the gifting of the crown of life/ wedding present, among the 5 kinds given, be just after the final period of 10 days for the overcomers? Is this the momentous final countdown for the bride of Messiah/Christ? The 10 days lead to Tevet 10.
      From Hanukkah day 8 there are then 8 days to Tevet 10. This is a double 8. F.M. Riley believes that the Noah family was warned 8 days in advance, rather than 7. Tevet 10 is the ending of periods of 8 days, 10 days, and 40 days. The starting date of the 40 would be 11-8-2010, Kislev 1. In theory, we are in the final days of 8, 10, and 40 for preparation, repentance, purification, and dedication. The potential exists for The Blessed Hope on either when Tevet begins from 12-16 to 17, or when the fast is over from 12-17 to 18, as Israel enters the rest of Shabbat.
      Remember the words of The Master about fasting in 3 of the 4 Gospels? When the groom is with you, you do not fast. When the groom is taken from you, then you will fast. The implication is that with His return, the fast is over and it is time to go to the groom's father's hose to the wedding canopy. This year, Tevet 10 ends for Israel on 12-17, going into the Scriptural rest, of day 7 meaning completion, on the Shabbat. There is a promise in The Scriptures to enter into His rest. The Shabbat is a shadow picture of entering THE REST!
      We may be incorrect in assuming that the day of The Blessed Hope is 2520 or 2490 days away from the period of The Second Coming. It may be 2510 or 2480 days away, factoring in the important 10 days of tribulation concerning Smyrna, and therefore affecting each and all of the 7. This additional delay, is a respite of mercy and grace, before the remaining days of The Hour of Tribulation. The Hanukkah season has reminded us anew of The Good Shepherd, His Flock, The Door, and The Secure Sheepfold in Chapter 10 of The Gospel of John. Our departure for The Secure Sheepfold may still be in 2010 during Tevet. I hope and pray these clues and links are well worth consideration. The Master promises to arrive on a day few will expect Him. Tevet 10 will be a obscure and routine day for many. May we be WATCHING each day for The Beloved Groom! THE DAY is near!
With Love and Shalom,