Jan Mikael (31 Dec 2010)
"'fireworks ' - a response to: Could it be Now ???"

Someone send me this dream's under here, as a response to my escape-dream ' Could it be Now ???
on Five Doves yesterday.


Ok, I was just remembering a dream I had last year sometime in the fall I think.

In that dream, I was walking through a woody area in the day, it suddenly got dark, I was whisked up into air. However, I was hovering over the earth. At that moment, I saw fireworks start to go off.

Now, I have posted this before and thought it represented New Year's Eve or 4th of July.

But as I think about it again, a certain detail I had overlooked.

The trees in my dream. .. .had NO LEAVES.

...it reminded me of your dream -

the firework in the west, and missiles coming from east
...besides -
this jan 4 2010, i woke with  massive vulcanic eruption dream
it had 'bolero ' music under it -
that rarely happens, it was very bizarre
the vivid dream, last year,  of "the NFL stadium, where everyone was silent, cause something happened"
....the 2nd of jan is a match day - (and from 8 - 23 jan)