Jan Mikael (31 Dec 2010)
"Redeemed Saint's by the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ)"

Dk, 31.12. 2o1o, - Doves !
A friend just send me this wonderful message, I dont now where he read it, but I find it so encouraging,
that I want to share it with all of you readers and writers of it.
I wish you all a Happy New Year 2011, may we all soon meet Jesus in the clouds, and be taken Home.
in the love from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Love.
Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !
 Redeemed Saints by the Blood of The LAMB
I just woke up from the most encouraging dream that brought me to tears.
I believe it may be from the LORD. I pray that some find encouragement and comfort in this.
The dream:
"I am walking through a park at night praying. As I am walking, suddenly a heavenly vision opens up to me! I do not know if this was the rapture or not. Whatever it was, these were the saints of GOD who have overcome the world by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. I saw out of this vision something that words will not do proper justice to explain. Here is my feeble attempt to describe what I saw: supernatural light that was so pure and loving that it FAR exceeds anything any of GODs people have ever even known about LOVE. Out of this "light" came a great number of the saints of GOD who were GLOWING with a radiance far too loving and pure for any human mind to comprehend.
Let us put it this way, the Bible says that GOD IS LOVE. Our GOD is so great, mighty, awesome, fearful, and powerful enough to create everything that has ever been- the entire earth, let alone trillions of entire galaxies with other planets. Now according to GODS WORD, which cannot lie... The entirety of GOD is equated in love. To make it simple: As much as we understand GODs fullness, that is the equivelent of how much we understand what love is. Put it this way, no one understands GODs fullness as much as 1 single drip can compare to an entire ocean. This is the same of how much we understand love.
Now, in the vision/dream the love I saw coming out of the redeemed saints far exceeded anything known to man. The light of their countenances was so bright, pure and full of love, that tears streamed down my cheeks in the dream immediately. I knew straight away that these were the redeemed ones of THE LAMB, who death had no power over, who had been freed from the bondage of the flesh. Oh how I wish I could describe the love! I hope this makes sense, but the light radiating from them WAS love. The love and light were equal. Which makes sense because the Bibles says that GOD is both light and love.
One thing was for sure- these were the ones truly redeemed by the BLOOD OF JESUS. These were the patient waiting ones, who endured to the end. These were the ones chosen by GOD to reign in HIS Kingdom which is not of this world. These were the ones who death no longer had power over, who sin could no longer stain and the devil no longer tempt.
I do not know if this was the rapture/resurrection of the dead or something else, but I saw them all ascending together, so many of them it would be nearly impossible to number. It was the most powerful, loving, encouraging sight in my life.
I really didn't do any justice in explaining this. But take courage, and be strong, for The Day of The LORD is closer than it has ever been. The hour of our redemption is nearer than ever. And as the Bible says, when you see all these worldwide sorrows and calamaties all around, lift up your head because that only means the redemption of our souls draws near. The day we are free from the flesh, free from temptation of sin, free from the evil one! Redeemed to live in the sight of a Holy, Awesome and Loving GOD for all eternity. That day is nearer than ever, so stop looking at physical things of the world which are passing away, and fix your eyes upon Heaven and things of GOD which do not pass away. For the end of all things is near, so let us serve GOD with pure hearts and fear as the day of our redemption is at hand. As the days ahead get darker, fearful and seem hopeless, fix your eyes upon Heaven and remember the reward awaiting those who endure to the end"
GOD Bless!