Jan Mikael (25 Dec 2010)
"to Josua about: Moon = Rachel = Church ??? - yes !"

DK, 25.12.2o1o.
dear Josua, as you know, Joseph told he's dream to his brethren, (*it was the last straw to break the camel's back*) and the risen why they later sold him as slave, so he ended in Egypt he's father Jacob=(Israel) to, rebuked him for that dream, all that, Im sure you know.
Israel was then the whole family, first after they vent back from Egypt, to the promissed land, it was the 12 tribes together who was Israel.
But later it was divided in the ten tribes, the House of Israel = the Northern Kingdom, And the House of Judah = the Southern Kingdom.
Assyria destroyed the House of Israel, and departed the ten tribes. - and only the House of Judah was back. - it was the actuel situation when Jesus lived on Earth, and in fact the same situation now.
The modern state of Israel, primarily are the House of Judah, - the House of Israel (the ten tribes) are still out among the nations.
What I will say is, the old nation of Israel is still divided right now. - The House of Judah
the Jew's, know their identity, but the House of Israel (ten tribes) have lost their's out among the nations.
So in fact a lot of christian's, could have their root back in old Israel, - it could be the funny Irony of God's. and be sure, He know exactly where every one is, - every one ! 
So Rachel and Leah is out among the nation's to ! - read what God said to Ezekiel in chpt.37:15-28.v. and remember: all 12 tribes are Israelites, only Judah alone are Jews !
So to know 'exactly' what God plan to do when, are we simply not cleaver enough to know, if not the Holy Spirit, who are the Divine Authority on Earth in our Time, reveal it to us.
We have to listen to what Jesus told his church, that's the risen why God say: this is My beloved Son, follow him. - All Praise and Glory to our Great God.
In the love from Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Saviour, the chosen Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah, who have the Key of David's - our Lord, - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !

Josua (24 Dec 2010)
"Moon = Rachel = Church?"
Dear Doves

Due to the recent lunar eclipse, I started to think what exactly the
moon represents.

When Joseph (the son of Jacob) dreamt about the Sun, Moon and the
Stars, the Moon represented his mother Rachel.
As we know, Jacob (the father of Joseph) was married to Leah and
Rachel, who (according to some posts of other Doves) represent Israel
and the Church. So if the moon represents Rachel who represents the
church, then can we consider that the moon represents the church?

Following this thought, a lunar eclipse could be understood that the
church gets hidden (raptured?) for a while until  the "shadow of the
earth" (tribulation?) passes. Could it be any simpler than that?

Do others have any thoughts on that?

Be blessed! Josua