Jan Mikael (11 Dec 2010)
"a dream about God's Children !"

" I was on a bus on my way home on Thursday 22th of July 1993 about 22.25 PM,  When I saw a Very Brigth Golden Light on the almost dark sky. Immediately I know it was from God, it was so Bright, that I have to close my eyes, but even then, I could see the Light. And I could see how the Light divided the clouds and drove them away, it was like the dark sky have to flee away from the Light.

  I opened my eyes to see where my bus was on my way home, but the Lord said to me Aimée: close your eyes again, I will show something to you, so I did what the Lord said.

  I was now brought out in space, where I saw a great Ray of Light, Shine out from the First Light, and down on Earth like a Spotligth, I dont know exactly where on Earth the Light Pointed to, but it was on the Northern part of the Earth.

  Then I was taken back on the Earth again, and in front of me I saw a Big Map, with all Continents and Nations, and I saw they were all Totaly Black, as they were under a Cover of Oil.

  The Ray of Light became bigger and stronger, like a Tunnel of Light going from Heaven to Earth. Then I saw a Big Hand came out of the Light-Tunnel and touched the Earth. I know it was the hand of God. - and I was Frigthen for all the Power who came from the Hand. I would weep, but I couldnt, - but it was very hard for me to Breath, because of the Hand of the Allmeigthy God, who was so close to me.

  Then He opened His Hand, out came a very Litle Man dressed in White, he found a place to stand, like a Soldier on his Watch. Again Gods hand touched the Ground, and out run a Lot of People, all Like the First, dressed in White, and all found their place side by side with the First Man. Gods Hand came out of the Light again and again, until the Wall of Small White-dressed People, totaly Surrounded the Earth.

 Then the Golden Light fall down on each one of them, until all were surrounded of a Tunnel of Light, the Light from the Small Men, touched each other, so they becam like a Wall of Light who totaly Surround the Earth.

 And I saw the Light, it was like God revealed his Power and Glory through it, and I could Feel the Power, now also shine out from the Small White-Dressed People, - it was like they were holding something back.
 Then I again was taken out in space, and saw the White Men and the Light, again was taken back from Earth, immediately the Earth became covered of darkness, with only few green and lightblue places/oases on the Earth.
  And then I saw the Earth breake open from Equator, North - South. Again the big hand of God's came down, but now He put it into the midle of the Earth, and He said to me: I will take out the black heart of the Earth. and then he took out a big black heart, with a long black tail, followed by a deep black smoke, I asked why ? and He told me, it will hold on, until the Earth have Turned Inside - Out.

  I waited, and saw it happen, and saw the deep darkness, but then I also saw a Crystal Clear Stone in the midle, it have been there all the time, but been covered by the darkness.
  I saw how it started to grow, and became Like a Beautiful Crystal Clear Diamond. who grow bigger and bigger, and soon it hang out in space, there were no more darkness arround it, it was now like a Big and Beautifull shining Diamond. Then the Lord said to me, it's the New Earth, the place I will send the New Jerusalem to.
  and the Lord revealed a glimpse of the *Golden City* to me, it was fantastic, so unbeliveabel Beautifull, I almost forgot to Breath, until the Lord said to me: Aimée, I cant reveal more to you now. - and my vision was over "
  I opened my eyes again, and saw I was close to the busstop where I should leave the bus.
 ""Few days later, on 26th of July 1993, about 2.12 Am. the Lord again spoke to me saying: "All the people you saw in White Dress Surrounded by Light, are those who I have Called to bring my End-Time Message. They are all Educated of Me, in My Power. I have Filled them with My Power and Strenght. - and I will send them out all over the Earth, in a last Revival, from North to South, and East to West.
 The Earth will know them because of the ''Special Light and Power I Surround Them With'' so stand firm in faith. Its close to the end of time now.
Jesus will come Soon, stay in Him, and He will stay in you. - My love will Surround and take care of you so dont frigthen""