Jana Miller (23 Dec 2010)
"Re:Ron's In such an hour, as you think not, the Son of man cometh--Any day now!"

Dear Ron,
May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season. I will pray for traveling mercies for your trip and that you will have provision,protection, and blessing in everything. I appreciate your posts and am not the least bit deterred from continuing to watch and pray. I have always believed that we should just be mindful that as wickedness increases(is there anyone who does not think that this is so?) and we want to fret over the deception and wrong doing ,both in the church and government, that we are to look up!!! This last lunar eclipse that I saw very clearly in Va.,seemed  to me... to feel like a warning. I kept looking at it and wondering if God is signaling that soon there is a great change coming to this world.I am praying to be counted worthy to escape ,and just keep praying for strength and the direction of The Holy Spirit.We see only in part,so there are some things we just have to accept in faith. Believers know that everything that is written will come to pass. Do not worry about the timing of this,it is enough just to be watching as we see so much happening so fast. In any case.I always like to hear what the Lord is doing in my fellow brother's and sister's in Christ lives and what they are being shown,so please keep posting.I do not post very much on Doves,but I receive  confirmation from many of the posts. I have been shown the same things and even given similar signs .I think we are all hoping that we are in God's will, and hearing from Heaven,no? Some just have better hearing than others!!! My love and best wishes are with you and all the Doves!
Yours In the Lamb,