Gordon Smith (10 Dec 2010)
"RE: Linda Hazelton- " Prince Charles""

Hi Linda and Doves
Look a little bit further on this matter. Look into Prince William. I
remember an advert being placed in the major of newspapers of the world
in 1982, telling everyone that "The Christ had been born." Who was born
in 1982 of a meroviagn blood line. It was yes, Prince William. Go do a
web search, you'll find some very interesting things. William is due to
be the next King of England.
Was King Arthur a myth or was he a real person? He was a real person,
who's grave has been found. On the headstone it says Here lies King
Arthur the once and future King. Both Charles and William have the
middle name of Arthur. There is more I could tell you, but I'll let you
guys do some digging.
I know a lot of people have written on this site about Obama being the
Antichrist, and he is in character, but just perhaps he is a forerunner
and has a specific job to do for the Illuminati and that is to break
down America, which up untill now he has done a very good job of.
Bless you all and let's keep on looking up!
Gordon Smith
Linda Hazelton (9 Dec 2010)
"Prince Charles"


    I watched the youtube videos associated with the book that Phil
    noted, "The Antichrist and A Cup of Tea."    I googled Pince
    and found an article that summed up/confirmed some of the points
    in the youtube presentation.   The article lists some of the
    that belong to Prince Charles business association PWBLF--WOW--
    it's really telling about some of the political things that have
    in the US!  Note that the Ross Perot Group, George Soros, and
    Schumer are listed.  The whole article is quite thought
    When Charles attended Trinity College in the late 1960s, he
studied archaeology, anthropology, and history, all of which are key
with regard to the environment and architecture. In 1981, he and a
"somewhat maverick group of businessmen" (23) formed Business in
Community, which today is The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum -
PWBLF. Business in the Community came out of a 1980 Anglo-American
Conference on Community Involvement in which British tycoons learned of
America's success in cleaning up its cities through public-private
partnerships, in which the local community joined with businesses in
order to afford the changes necessary to revitalize major cities.
Public-private partnerships were first used in the 1940s and 1950s, when
the city of Pittsburgh joined forces with Richard King Mellon and other
businessmen to revitalize Pittsburgh. (24) Years later in March, 1988,
Charles attended the "Remaking the Cities" Conference in Pittsburgh
where he delivered the key-note address. Whether the residents of
Pittsburgh or the conference participants knew it or not, they were
discussing the same UN environmental concepts and agenda that were later
unveiled at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.
    The purpose of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum is "to
promote the practice of good corporate citizenship and sustainable
development internationally, as a natural part of successful business
operations." (25) In 1990, PWBLF members unveiled their world agenda in
Charleston, South Carolina where they hosted their first conference
called "Stakeholders: The Challenge in a Global Market." Over 100 CEOs
from major multinational organizations attended this two-day conference.
American firms included Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA Today, Sara
Lee Corporation, BellSouth, J.C. Penney, Schering-Plough Corporation,
The Equitable Life, Johnson Publishing, KKR, Monsanto, Pillsbury, the
New York Stock Exchange, Exxon, Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble and
DuPont. (26).
    At this conference, the CEOs felt that "practical experience of
business involvement in the community is becoming increasingly important
for the career development of business leaders of tomorrow. Education
and training and care for the environment were considered the
international priorities. (27) Some of their conclusions were: (1) CEOs
have a critical lead role to play in setting company values and ensuring
that local managers are briefed, encouraged, and prepared to listen to
local community leaders. (2) Companies must strive to adopt total
processes and products based on principles of "sustainable development"
- ensuring that use of resources today does not harm the resource needs
of future generations. (3) Business executives should assist community
leaders in inner cities and isolated rural areas to regenerate their
neighbourhoods by developing business skills. (28)
    In other words, the new agenda for business is no longer just
business, but governance in the community through public-private
partnerships. This then calls for a complete change in how managers are
trained and educated, corporate philosophy, and how monies are directed.
The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum is an educational charity
with close to 50 multinational corporations on its executive
directorate. They include companies from the United States, Britain,
Germany, Japan, and several other countries. The U.S. corporations who
work very closely with the Prince include: 3M, American Express, TRW,
Coca-Cola, SmithKline Beecham, ARCO, CIGNA, DHL Worldwide Express, Levi
Strauss & Company, The Perot Group, and US WEST International.
Additional partners are the American Chamber of Commerce, American Hotel
and Motel Association, The Atlanta Project, Charles Stewart Mott
Foundation, The City of Charleston, The Ford Foundation, the Kellog
Foundation, the New York City Housing Partnership, the Office of Ronald
Reagan (who along with George Bush, was knighted by the Queen), the
Soros Foundation, Texaco, Tufts University, Turner Broadcasting, USAID,
and Warnaco. Guests and experts to Charleston included: United Way of
America, King Constantine, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (USC),
Elizabeth Plater-Zyerk (architect of the "holistic" planned community,
The Kentlands, in Gathersburg, MD), William Reilly then Administrator
with the EPA. Rep. Charles Schumer from the 10th District in New York,
Lester Thurow, Dean of the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, and Dr. Jessica Tuchman Matthews from the World
Resources Institute and member of the Council for Foreign Relations.