Frank R Molver (24 Dec 2010)
"Search engine towers powerful poltergeist from pornograghy"

Was relayed this message yesterday.
Some of you that have experienced similar things will understand.
A major computer company in Seattle contacted a Christian musician friend of ours who does prophetic praise.
Actually the music is very soothing and inspiring.
The computer company has a large office building in Seattle that is filled with search engines.
In the basement of the building there had been some very frightening things happening and the workers refused to go down there.
There were poltergeist apparitions, noises, things falling and even some people thrown down.
This musician took some recorded praise music down there and held an  all night worship session with his guitar.
During the night a powerful demon confronted him and he had to do spiritual battle.
The company asked for a report of his findings and a recommendation
He told them to stop the pornography
Apparently they did and their company has been blessed.
I don't think we as Christians realize how powerful this spirit of pornography is, that is why so many play with it and get burned
Pornography is witchcraft and it is destroying our families and our society..