Fay (22 Dec 2010)
"The Times"

Dear John and Doves,
Whether this date clashes with other prophecy experts or not - these are the reasons why I know we are nearing the end times. These dates are the reason why I put out the fleece that was answered - in full - by the LORD.
Israel considers this current year - as of September 2010, as year 5771. Therefore: -
September 2011 = 5772
September 2012 = 5773
September 2013 = 5774
September 2014 = 5775
September 2016 = 5776
September 2017 = 5777
Add on one thousand years for the Millennium and we get 6777. After that, (+ a thousand years) we go into eternity = 7777 !
I understand, from scripture, that we cannot know the hour or the day, but we CAN know the times. In fact we'd be foolish not to! We are all right about the times but we cannot allow ourselves to be misled by trying to nail down the date. I have to admit - Ron Reese' theory about 12-21-10 really struck a cord with me. However, the LORD made sure that He informed us that He would come at an hour that no-one expects him.
Take heart Doves. Stay strong and filled with the Holy Spirit. When the Rapture does happen, in the very near future, we'll be exactly where we yearn to be. Home with the LORD.
May God Bless you all. Have a truly wonderful Christmas.
In Jesus' Beloved Name