Elliot Hong (27 Dec 2010)
"New Caledonia (The Island closest to Heaven) earthquake"

Dear Doves:
Don't give up yet.
There was the magnitude 7.3 earthquake on Dec.25 13:36 underneath of ocean near New Caledonia Island in Vanuatu region.
Guess what!
New Caledonia is known as "The Island closest to Heaven."
I believe it's another clear clue that we're very close.
The clues of the Concepcion earthquake, the Christchurch earthquake, the Hanukkah fire in Israel, the Sun Exploding, the
Christmas Island incident, and many more led us to reach to Dec.25, and then a new clue appeared on the day of Christmas.
It's like in a treasure hunt, a clue leads to another clues, one after another until to find a treasure.
Also it's like those wise men followed clues after clues and finally worshipped the King.
So hang on, for we'll be in the New Jerusalem to meet our King very soon!