Douglas Henney (27 Dec 2010)
"Ideas on rapture timing and the beginning of Daniel's 70th week."


In a prior post I presented my thoughts on when Yeshua would be crowned as King by the Israel remnant. See the following:

My studies pointed to this being just prior to April 1, 2018.

It was not clear to me when the 70th week of Daniel would officially end but that it had to include Yeshua's crowning per Daniel 9:24.

CJ recently posted the idea that it might end on Pentecost 2018. That made sense to me because in my opinion Pentecost seems to be marked by God as including a "timing of a significant transition". I am thinking of when Moses was called up to the mountain initially as well as when the disciples were anointed from above to re-present the kingdom to Israel after Yeshua's ascension.

Now if, and I emphasize if, the seven and a half years of David being received as King in Hebron, a region given over to Caleb who was a gentile, if this is a type/shadow of seven and a half years of the body of Christ being with Yeshua in the heavenly places during the earthly judgement period, and IF we are to calculate the length of this period with 360 day prophetic years, or 2700 days, then from Pentecost 2018, or May 21st per my calculations, brings me back to December 29th this month.

CJ did a similar calculation and arrived at the 28th, if my memory serves me correctly. I do not have a strong opinion at all on which day might be more precise.

So, for me, I am keeping an "eye to the sky" this coming week.

Now, I am also thinking that what if the above is not valid. Well, from my prior post I presented my thinking that about June 11, 2011 is when the 70th week might begin and it is also Pentecost. However, what adds a complication to me is the strong possibility that in 2011 a Adar II will be added to align the calender with the agricultural cycle. If this ends up happening then it pushes the Gregorian date forward one month to July 11, 2011.

What I found very interesting is that for the past three years there has been a solar eclipse each year on Av 1. In 2010 that day happened to be July 11th.

Now, from what I understand and have read second hand (so check me on this) Jewish traditional teaches expresses that a solar eclipse is a warning of judgement to the nations. Being that the past three years had a solar eclipse also land on the same Jewish calender date strikes me that the warning has to do with how the nations are dealing with Israel.

I think of the story in the gospels where a tree was not bearing fruit for three years and the owner wanted to go ahead and cut it down. The gardener asked that they wait one more year to see if any last ditch efforts may prove effective. It was not in the gardener's heart to get rid of the tree. To me this reminds me of Yeshua's heart. Perhaps one of God's ways of warning is to do it for three years and possibly four.

I wonder if the extreme weather being experienced in Europe and the States might be part of a "fertilizing" effort to soften those nations' hearts in relation to God and their treatment of Israel, with the final attempt "of fertilizing" coming up for the final evaluation on July 11, 2011.

Now, my thinking is that if there is no rapture event this week, then I will be looking for our going "up", during the shout and the loud, long trumpet blast and meeting our God who comes down, much like what Moses experienced, on July 11, 2011. Moses' experience in Exodus 19 suggests a strong type/shadow for a rapture event.

I know that July 11, 2011 seems like a long way away. Yet I am doing better now, with a six month-plus wait, then I would have in the past because of my strong opinion of the 70th week needing to end in 2018.

When Yeshua was here during his first coming, he did rebuke some of the people for not recognizing the signs of the times, yet when He rode into Jerusalem on the donkey, He wept because they did not know THE DAY. It was the counting of days from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem that carried the most responsibility. The signs, in my opinion, were a heads up about the need to nail down a DAY per a counting from Daniel's prophecy.

I think the same is true for us. We all see the birthpang signs, yet the real key is the counting of days from the same prophecy in Daniel (see my prior post for my calculation attempt).

So, waiting until July 11, 2011 is a fuzz easier for me because, per the counting of days, a pre-"70th week of Daniel" rapture will have to happen no later than summer 2011.

In the mean time? Remember, and I have to be reminded myself all too frequently, that the one we are longing for is already present inside of us. Enjoy Him now and enjoy Him later, both.