Douglas Henney (20 Dec 2010)
"Thoughts to consider on day counts and rapture timing"

I submit the following for prayerful consideration.  A good portion of what I express is drawn from others in the body of Christ (end-times bloggers).
This year in particular I have experienced a good amount of disappointment and confusion as I anticipate the return of Yeshua (Jesus).  With so many others putting together what appeared to be profound scriptural insights, I could not but wonder, "Where are we foundationally off in our thinking?".  I decided to try and step back and look at some premises I held as I attempted to interpret the scriptures.  I believe I have learned a little something and so present the following.  I do not expect anyone to take what I write at face value.  If something is a benefit, then our only Teacher gets the credit.  If not, then let it go.
According to Daniel 9:24 and 25, one of the things to be accomplished within the 70 weeks of Daniel is the anointing of the most holy.  I have concluded that this refers to Yeshua with Him finally and truly being anointed King by remnant Israel.  I agree with others' insight that just as Yeshua went through a mock crowning ceremony just prior to Passover during his first coming, that it is highly likely the Father will time Yeshua's true anointing as King also just prior to a future Passover, and this to take place in 2018.  If my calculations are correct, this will be on or about March 30th per the concealed moon reckoning of a month's start.
Why is this date significant?  Because according to Daniel 9:25, I also agree with others' insight that the counts of the 70 weeks, presented as seven weeks and 62 weeks 'from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto Messiah the King' point to Yeshua's two comings.  Per a contribution by Corey (CJ), he expressed that it was April 1, 1969 when a degree went forth from the Israeli government to rebuild the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.  March 30th, 2018 is 49 years (the seven weeks portion of Daniel 9:25) from April 1, 1969 figured using regular years (verses 360 day prophetic years).
One premise I have let go of is my understanding of the day counts expressed in Daniel 12:11 and 12.  In it the prophet is told that there are 1290 and 1335 day counts from the Abomination of Desolation.   I no longer believe that these indicate the completion of the 70th week of Daniel..  They indicate only what the scriptures express, that day 1290 and day 1335 are significant and to be counted from the Abomination.  I think this is one point where I have previously experienced confusion.  The 70th week of Daniel has to include the anointing of the most holy, Yeshua as King
It is my opinion, also shared by others, that the feasts of God given to Israel parallel the time period of a pregnancy which culminates in a birth during Hannukah.  I also think that day 1335 is the birthing day of a complete remnant of Israel which will include the resurrection of saints such as Daniel (see Ezekiel 37:12!)  I recently errored in thinking that the birthing pointed to the body of Christ which I no longer think is correct.  It is only about remnant Israel.
The 2018 anointing of Yeshua is necessary at that time because it takes seven months to cleanse the land per Ezekiel 39:12, which would start in September 2017 when Yeshua returns to earth and descimates the Satanic forces arrayed against Israel.  Because of the contact with dead bodies during the seven months of cleansing, many of remnant Israel will be ceremonially unclean to celebrate regular Passover in 2018 and so will have to wait until the second Passover established by God during the second month.  Others have presented this and it rings true to me.
Because the nation will celebrate the second Passover, and I am speculating that no one will celebrate the first Passover, then also, no one will have celebrated the first Feast of Unleavened Bread either.  I think that this feast, with its focus on eliminating leaven, a symbol of sin, will be very significant with the presence of Yeshua and so it will also take place in the second month.  It is a feast of seven days.  In 2018, if my calculations are correct, this seven day feast will end on May 6th 2018.  This is when the 70th week of Daniel finally ends in my opinion.
Now, counting back from May 6th, 2018 the 2520 days of Daniel's 70 week ends up on or about June 12th, 2011, which if my calcualtions are correct, is the day of Pentecost.  This is when the 70th week actually begins.  (Now, for the rapture watchers, don't get discouraged at this point.)
What about the two witnesses per Revelation?  From what I have read, and I am unable to provide a source (so definitely double check this) Jewish traditional teachings indicate that Enoch was removed on Pentecost.  So, to me it makes sense that this would be when he shows up again.  (It is my belief that Enoch is the other witness as opposed to Moses though some may disagree).
Now, per Malachi 4:5, Elijah is the other witness.  When might he show up?  I am leaning towards Passover 2011 due to the expectation of Jews who traditionally set a place for him at their Passover table.  I think that some traditions practiced by Jews, though not necessarily directed from the scriptures, are brought into their customs by the Spirit of God to provide additional help in discerning prophesied events as they unfold.
Will these men start their public ministry right away?  I don't think so and here is why.  I believe that these men, in addition to receiving instruction directly from Yeshua and the Father, in dependence upon them in the same way that Yeshua depended upon the Father and the scriptures during his first coming, will also receive direction from the scriptures in the types and shadows much like what we study.  In the same way the disciples had to wait in Jerusalem until Pentecost, after Yeshua's ascension, so will Elijah.  On Pentecost he will then meet up with Enoch.  
Will they begin their official witnessing ministry at that time?  I don't think so because of the sequence of events that Moses went through when he began the process of receiving the law from God at Sinai.  Remember, during the 70th week, the focus will be back upon the law (which leads to faith in Yeshua).
I found the following quote (source The Ten Commandments by Aseret Hadiberot).  This is being used per fair use and for educational purposes only.
"On the 6th of Sivan, Moses went up onto the mountain . . . On the 17th of Tammuz, the tablets were broken (1st 40 days).  On the 18th he burned the (golden) calf and judged the transgressors.  On the 19th he went up for forty days and pleaded for mercy (2nd 40 days).  On the 1st of Elul, he went up to receive the second tablets, and was there for forty days (3rd 40 days).  On the 10th of Tishrei God restored His goodwill with the Jewish people gladly and whole heartedly, saying to Moses "I have forgiven, as you ask", and gave him the second tablets."
So, I think the witnesses will start their 1260 ministry on the 10th of Tishrei, the Feast of Yom Kippur, in 2011.  Now, this will take them to the season of Passover in 2015 wherein they will be killed, left for dead for three days, be resurrected and then ascend, and likely with the 144,000.  Note that this is a full year after the Abomination of Desolation.  This was another premise that I let go of, that these two events would take place during the same Passover season.
Why is this key?  Because after the abomination of desolation takes place, the faithful Jewish remnant will have to flee and become hidden in the Petra region (my opinion as to location).  The witnesses are focused on Israel, and they will need to be around to instruct the remnant where to go and how to relate to God during the time they are hidden during the Day of the Lord's full wrath judgements upon the nations.
When might Psalm 83 take place (which I agree with Bill Salus that this is distinct from the Gog/Magog battle in Ezekiel)?  I think there is a clue in the book of Esther, in the plot of Haman to distroy the Jews.  It takes place on Adar the 13th which I would be February 17th in 2011 if my calcuations are correct.  Haman is the son of Hammedatha per 3:1.   Per a footnote in my New American Study Bible, though there is debate about Haman's ancestry, his father's name is a Persian sounding name.  I think this points to the current leader of Iran.  What is interesting is Esther 9:1 where it says ". . . on the day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, it was turned to the contrary so that the Jews gained mastery over those who hated them."  This parallels the victory God gives in Psalm 83.
Now finally, what about a rapture event?  This is my speculation (and how many times have I/we all been wrong on this issue.!).  But, I do like what Pastor Sandy presents concerning the parallel of King David with Yeshua.  David ruled for 7 years and six months over the essentially gentile region given to Caleb (Judah also recognizes David which may point to remnant Israel recognizing Yeshua per the ministry of the witnesses).  This may point to the amount of time we are with Yeshua during the chaotic years.  Per the 360 day prophetic year this converts to 2700 days.  From December 21, 2010 this takes us to May 13th, 2018, which is one week after the 70th week of Daniel ends.  I do not have a rationale for this one week difference.  I read a blog contribution that mentioned the celebration of two weeks of Passover in 2018 but I have not found a scriptural foundation for this at this time.  In the words of Steve Coerper "we shall see".
It could also be that the body of Christ will be raptured at the time as when Moses originally went up the first time at Sinai.  Exodus 19 has some strong rapture parallels, especially with respect to the sounding of the shofar with a long blast.  The 6th of Sivan in 2011 feels like a wait of 20 years to me with the way I feel right now.  I know that there are many of you who feel the same way.
I ask that this get passed onto others so that in iron sharpening iron, we may continue to gain understanding as our Teacher allows.
Douglas Henney