Diane (10 Dec 2010)
"Israel Fire - A sign of Elijah?"

Hello Doves:

   I have a business contact in Israel that I have been witnessing to for about a year.  I believe his salvation would bring many Jewish souls into the Kingdom.  He is a businessman, has written a book and loves God with all his heart.  Please pray for the salvation of his soul (and his wife and daughter) and that they makes a decision for Yeshua soon.  His name is Hagai. Below is an email that I just received from him.  I didn't realize that the fire in Israel was on Mt. Carmel from 1 Kings. 


Dear Diane,

For the big fire on Mt. Carmel, please read again 1 Kings, 18: 17-45
concentrate on verses 35-39!!!

And it happened on Chanuckah. As you might know, in the book of Maccabim,
when the author describes Matitiah, the father of Judah the Macabee, who
started the rebelion, he describes him as a successor of prophet Elijah...

So I don't know what to think:
Does God want to punish Israel, by burning the mountain that we use to call
"The forever green mountain"?
(The name "Carmel" in Hebrew means the vineyard of the Lord),
Or does God prepar Israel to the next war, which will be with many rockets?
In Haifa's area, there are a few industrial factories, which might poisen to
death all 250,000 people in the city, if a fire will free out the materials
of these industries. (Now we found out we need more equipment against big

What do you think?

By the way, you can see in the last verse, that prophet Elijah ran before
the king to Jezreel.
As you might read in my book, Moledet is about 10 miles from Jezreel.....

Anyway, please pray for rain in Israel.