Deborah (29 Dec 2010)
"re: Obama's Family Vacation Runs Into Troubled Waters: Again"

Obama's Family Vacation Runs Into Troubled Waters: Again
I wonder if its God’s Judgment on Obama.  The Buck stops with him regarding HOW BP handled the Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf.  Obama has DECLARED that this Oil Catastrophe is OVER, however it is far from over, as we can see when we look out the window and see this Ice Age coming upon us.  Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.  He is giving Obama back just a smidgeon of what Obama’s decisions have caused to happen to the whole planet.  FYI: Oil is still flowing in the Gulf……so is toxic Corexit.  I expect  that God is not finished with His Judgment.  Expect more to come.  Anyone who thinks Obama will win another election in the middle of an Ice Age that HE allowed to happen, and now he is ignoring, should think again.