David Daughtrey (25 Dec 2010)
"TO ALL DOVES :Time to boycott Cracker Barrel"

Hello Friend's:
              Cracker Barrel coast to coast told all employee's Thursday 12-23-2010 that they could not
           tell or say Merry Christmas to any customer's... It Had Jesus in it..... they didn't want to hurt
           the non Jesus Believer's. They were only allowed to say happy holiday's... They were closed
           Friday and Saturday... There closed recording say's Happy Holiday's.. I will call Sunday and
           tell management that's it for me I'm tired of God being kicked out. A waitress in a Louisiana
           Cracker Barrell told my brother thursday, Management say's it has to much Jesus in it, and
           they didn't want to offend anybody..   Send this to everyone you know if you agree. We're
           not allowed to vote againist any anti Christian law's ,, but we can boycott.. AMEN..