Daniel (20 Dec 2010)
"Did God just confirm with me His soon return before the year  2010 ends??"

On Wednesday during school, I was reflecting on how all these people have been saying Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God the Son is going to come back this Christmas or before the year 2010 ends. So on Wednesday I asked God that if what these people are saying is true and that Your are really, truly coming back for Your Church before the year 2010 ends, then I want you to show me the number 7 (added the 25th for Xmas: 2 & 5 together) in any way shape or form whether it be through a clock, a math equation, just something for confirmation.
Here's what happened:
Number 7 for Rapture of Church:   
my friend Angel was saying "seven", which was extremely surprising and completely unexpected to me every time my friend Joseph playfully hit my other friend Jorge... The number seven had nothin to do with what me and my friends were doing at all whatsoever yet for some reason the number seven was revealed.. I don't believe in coincidences; I believe every thing happens for a reason.......

I felt the urge to look the clock and it clearly read: 3:22...I believe I was led by the Holy Spirt to add up the numbers of that approximate time 3 2 2= 7!!!!!!!
20:50= 2 0 5 0 = 7
21:22= 2 1 2 2= 7
10:24= 1 0 2 4=7             
22:21=2 2 2 1=7
10:42=1 0 4 2=7
I had barely noticed that on my itouch I have115 songs  1+1+5= 7
clock app on my itouch: (barely realized this) there are three hands: the hour hand points to 10,  the min. hand points to 3, the seconds hand points to 12..Add all those numbers...
1+0+3+1+2= 7!

Every time I see the clock, it keeps adding up to seven...all I've been seeing is seven...!
While i was on the internet the other day, I barely noticed I had 7 tabs open on my Internet browser!

Come quickly Lord Jesus & may You please account my family, my friends, all doves & me worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass to go to Heaven if any one of us were to die today.Thank you Lord Jesus & I love you Lord Jesus with all of my heart, my mind, my soul, and with all of my strength. Amen.

**last weekend I was at the mall with my family & I believe God told me, "It will not be a very merry Christmas for those who are left behind."

May I see all you doves in the clouds and God bless and be with you all!

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On Dec 16, 2010, at 23:46, Daniel <drayos95@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi to all you doves! My name is Daniel,  I'm 15 years old and I have received many dreams & visions from God and powerful, urgent messages from the Lord. After looking and reading all of the posts on here, I felt now it is the time for me to post something on here for the first time and to share a very urgent strong message from the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ to all who have ears to hear. This message I received began I believe was last weekend (I should've wrote the date & time), but the last words of this message from Jesus Christ were given to me on 12/10/2010 and on 12/11/2010 at approximately 10:27 A.M.
> Here's the message I received from the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ:
> Daniel, these are the words I share with you, my faithful son. Write it down, for these words are faithful and true. I love you Daniel- I love you my precious Bride. We shall soon be together in the clouds, in the air, in Heaven for all of eternity. But for the rest of this sinful, godless world, they shall soon perish for all of eternity if they don't come to me & keep turning their backs on Me like I don't exist. It saddens me and breaks my heart to know that they don't believe Me, to know that they don't believe I shed My blood and tears for them. I'm calling upon all sinners to come to me for repentance of their sins, but sooner or later, My Holy Spirit shall not call anymore, My Church shall not preach My true Gospel and they shall be taken out of this world and evil will be allowed to triumph and rule and destroy the world during the coming Tribulation-especially the Great Tribulation. Which shall be, literally the worst time man has ever known, no, nor shall ever be again. It will literally be hell on earth for all of humanity; it will literally be the worst times ever recorded in world history. No one shall escape My coming wrath for all those that are left behind after the Rapture of  My Church; that's why I'm calling upon all you people of this world, all you people who have not given their life to me, all people who are sinners to please "come to me with your heavy burden and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28). That's why I'm calling upon all sinners-all men-everybody to please pray that they all "may be accounted worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass" (Luke 21:36) and pray that they will go to Heaven if they were to die today, for I care for them. I love them no matter what they do against Me. Daniel, do not fear the trying times coming to this world, nor fear anyone or anything, but rathe fear Me, the Lord God who is up in Heaven waiting to take His Bride up in Heaven.
> Daniel, if you have any doubts that it is Me speaking to you, know this and believe this when I say "I AM"  sitting at Right Hand of the Throne of God up in Heaven. "I AM" the One who died on the Cross for you. "I AM" the One who shed my blood for you on the Cross. "I AM" the One and Only Way, the One and Only Truth, and "I AM" the One and Only Life, and no one cometh to the Father God except through Me who is Faithful & True and rides on a white horse on My soon Second Coming. "I AM" the One and Only One who is Faithful and True. "I AM" Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
> Daniel, tell the people of this world that "I AM" coming soon to take my glorious, beautiful Bride out of this world and My Holy Spirit out of this world. Tell them to get right with Me or get left without Me, without My Holy Spirit, and without My Church.
> Tell the whole world, tell everyone you know that "I AM" coming soon! This is it Daniel! "I AM" at the last straw, "I AM" at my breaking point with this world-this sinful, cruel, evil, disgusting, grotesque, hateful, evil world. But soon and very soon, they will get what they want and that is a sinful, cruel, evil world-a world ruled by evil without God. They will get as they wish when they find out their world is ruled by satan himself when that dreadful, terrible time "comes upon the whole entire world and tests those who dwell within it"(Revelation 3:10), who belong to it, who are of it.
> Later on that night....
> Dear Daniel,
>   Write, these words down for they are faithful and true, coming from Me who is Faithful & true. You notice the lateness of the hour that is going to come upon the world. I have these words prepared for you so please write it down. You see the lateness of the hour- the Tribulation hour that is going to come upon the whole world & tests those who dwell within it. The time is at hand, "I AM" coming back! "I AM" coming soon to take back with Me the righteous who are dead in Christ and take back with Me those who are alive and accounted worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass. My coming is near and those left behind will be left to endure endure the worst. That is why I'm calling upon all sinners to come to repentance of their sins. I created Man in My image, "I AM" the Father God who created Man to worship Me, the Most High, but instead I get slapped at across the face just by seeing their sin and it is grotesque. It disgusts Me beyond anyone's imagination....
> 12/11/2010 10:27 A.M.
> Daniel write these words down, for they are faithful and true coming from Me, who is Faithful and True. Behold, "I AM" coming soon, blessed is he who watches, blessed is he who keeps and hears the words of this prophecy, for they shall be accounted worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass and to e accounted worthy to go to Heaven if they were to die today. Behold Daniel! My coming is soon! My coming is drawing nearer and nearer every second- with very minute that passes by. Behold Daniel, my Bride shall soon be caught up in the air with Me who is Faithful & True, to meet me in the air so that we may be together up in Heaven, for all of eternity, so that this sinful world gets what's coming to them. We shall all partake in the Wedding Supper of the Lamb that is to come. But for those left behind, they shall partake in the Great Supper of God and they shall partake in My coming wrath, the Wrath of God for they chose to do so. They shall partake in the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world & test those who dwell in it, who partake in it for once again, they have chosen to do so. I have called upon man-sinners to repentance of their sins through My Spirit, but they refuse to listen. But now time I quickly running short, time is running out, the time is at hand for the Tribulation hour to come upon the whole world and test those who dwell within it and sooner than later My spirit & My Bride shall be taken out of this sinful world & into my Heavenly presence,  where they shall abide their forever and for all of eternity, but for the rest of the world, once the Tribulation Hour has took its place, it will be too late for them. That's why I'm calling upon man now, for them to please pray that they may all be accounted worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass for it shall literally hell on Earth for those who are left behind. Man can mock Me & My..