Dan Cooney (25 Dec 2010)
"Revelation Of The Magi"


I know that many of you have heard about the recent translation of an ancient manuscript known as the Revelation of the Magi.
The manuscript was found in the Vatican Library under a stack of books (so the story goes) and they allowed a professor of ancient languages
from the University of Oklahoma to translate it. He has finished his work/translation and is making the news circuit telling his story to all who
will listen. He claims that this work was actually written by the magi themselves.
I have seen stories at Yahoo and all the major news outlets. The professor tells a compelling story and appears to be a believer in what he translated.


After my own evaluation I have come to the conclusion that this manuscript is not only extra-biblical, but a fraud and a lie. It may be old, but it is not true.
The manuscript is similar to the "Apocrypha" in that it tells a biblical story and agrees that it actually happened. The problems with it are these:

1. The manuscript completely disagrees with the Gospel of Matthew.
2. The Magi came from China.
3. The Magi claim to be direct descendants of Adam and Eve's third son, Seth. This disregards and disavows the Book of Genesis! No one at the time of
Jesus could claim this as it leaves out one small detail, namely the flood of Noah! We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, yes, but all were wiped out
except Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. So we are all descendants of Noah and his sons as well and we can't claim lineage to Seth with

any certainty.
4. Jesus told the Magi that this was but only one of His visits to mankind and differing religions. Thus all religions are in some sense Christian and equal!!!

I think you get the point that we should not be taking this seriously and that it sounds like one of those extra gospels being found these days that were in
fact written a hundred or more years after the death of the "supposed" author or apostles' death by his or her followers.

Years ago I read a bit from the Koran in an effort to find out what it was all about and if it had any validity. It was fascinating in that it told several stories
confirming the bible as true. Then it would wander off in a different direction and lead the reader or a believer in Islam into a life or an act of sin.
The point is that if you want someone to believe a lie, you have to start out telling him truth so that he learns to trust you. After you have his trust, you
can start to slip little lies in and eventually big lies will go un-noticed and soon you have him believing all your lies.
It's not much different from the mother at her son's execution for murder, crying out that he is a good boy. She believed his lie.
I concluded that the Koran was a book of lies and I conclude that the Revelation of the Magi is no different.

Dan Cooney