Dana Babka (24 Dec 2010)
"Dec.23rd the Lord has given me more clock numbers and the number 25 again."

    Here are the numbers. 4:2/5   (no 4:26)      4:/27  4:/28  (4:29) (4:30)  4:/31 4:/32  4:/33  (4:34) (4:35)(4:36)  4:/3/7   4:/3/8  4:/3/9.   The 25 is in the first number shown.  Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I believe that the Lord is telling us to prepare and be watching for the Rapture or something very significant to take place.  The resurrection of the dead and the perfection of the living will unite in the clouds very soon.  Then the mystery of God, the sin of Adam and Eve, Satan and all the fallen Angels will be understood.  What a day that will be when we unite with our King and Savior at the wedding of the Lamb.  But when the catching away takes place, there will be Great Tribulation and Judgment that has been foretold in the word. For the believers,our promise of deliverance from the Lords wrath will be fulfilled very soon. I believe that on or before the 25th, something significant will take place.I am still putting the Rapture at the top of the list.    Keep watching,  witnessing and praising the Lord.      Dana.