Dana Babka (20 Dec 2010)
""re Frank Molver and confirmation of clock times,&part interpretation ( 16th Vision).Posted 18th"

Hi Doves, first I would like to say thanks to Frank Molver for responding to my posting on the 18th.     Sometimes by listening to the thoughts of others, the Holy Spirit will give me the interpretation of what he is showing me.    Sometimes its only one word that triggers interpretations, either said or heard.    Now concerning the times on the clock, I agree that you can not take a bunch of numbers and throw them around and make them mean something.    But I did feel that the numbers adding up to 25 was important.    So right after I read your response Frank, I prayed that the Lord would confirm these numbers in some way.    Well this morning he did.    Now the best way to explain how the Lord confirmed the numbers, is to show more numbers he gave me.    This morning I woke up and looked at the digital clock. It read 7:26 only it had a slash / through it and the numbers continued on with slashes through them like this.    7:/26, 7:/27, 7:/28, 7:/29, 7:/30,    (7:31)   7:/32, 7:/33, 7:/34, 7:/35, 7:/36,  (7:37), =10.  Now the numbers get two slashes. 7:/3/8, 7:/3/9, 7:/4/0, 7:/4/1, 7:/4/2, 7:/4/3, 7:/4/4, 7:/4/5, 7:/4/6, = 9.    Now back to one slash only  23 minutes later.    8:/11, 8:/12, 8:/13, 8:/14, 8:/15, 8:/16,    = 6.    10+9+6 = 25.    Something else the Lord revealed to me ,was that the Comets or Missiles in the Vision of the 16th, were actually the bursting Rays of the Solar Storm on the 20th.     I believe that something significant will take place this week.     Keep watching and witnessing for Lord, and giving him all the praise.   Dana