Clay Cantrell (11 Dec 2010)
"Two days to watch"


two days coming up to watch and why


I think the Rapture event and the Destruction of Damascus are close in time proximity. Due to 109s being associated both with 9-11 and Isaiah 17:1, I conjecture that Damascus is destroyed on a day that is counted from 9-11 whose day count is based on 109.

The next day coming up that fits that formula is 12-11-10.

There are 3379 (109 x 31) inclusive days from 9-11-01 thru 12-11-2010



There are:
3382 inclusive days from 9-11-01 through 12.14.10

Strong's 3382g = Jared

Both of these dates are Tuesdays.

3382 is the highest number I show for Jared.

162 = Jared's age when Enoch born
214 = Jared Hebrew gematria
416 = Jared Greek gematria
435 = Years Jared lives after Enoch is taken.
460 = Year Jared is born
527 = Jared's age when Enoch is taken
1422 = Year Jared dies
2391 = Jared's Strong's # Greek
3382 = Jared's Strong's # Hebrew

For 10-11 years I've been writing that I think the Lord showed me that Jared is the key to the timing of the Rapture based on his numbers and the meaning of his name, Descend.

So imho 12.14.10 stands alone.

those are my reasons.