Christina Russell (29 Dec 2010)
"Pls Watch~ AGENDA-Grinding America Down ~ pass on"

Hello John & all the Faithful Doves,


Here is a film I believe everyone needs to watch and pass on to everyone, family, churches, parents, etc. others. This film describes what has been happening to America by whom and how it has affected the American Family, the American Morals, the American education, the American Christian Faith, the American child and the American Dream, etc.  Some may already be aware but we must continue to open the eyes of the lost while bringing them closer to our Lord and Savior.  We must continue to do Christ's work until He returns.  Which is so so so very soon! Praise Be To God!


Faithful Servant/Vessel,


AGENDA - Grinding America Down

 Blessed Be the Name of Our Lord, Blessed Be The Name! All Praises go to our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ!