Chris K (20 Dec 2010)
"Re; Nicole "The Year 1977 in the USA - Strange movies and occurrences""

Dear Nicole and all the Doves,
  You have struck a seriously familiar note with me. I remember 1977 very well, and not just because of the events of that year. I have had interrelated experiences that I knew had their origins in that year and have seen events that seem to have and are about to come full circle....this is very true, and I've thought about this a lot. It was a great year on many levels.
  Not to be vain, but, I've often felt that there was something symbolic wrapped up in my total life experiences that somehow relate to a larger picture of God' unfolding plan...this must also be true of others, as well...perhaps everyone that's "called according to His purpose". So, to the point...(I'm sorry that this will include a lot of personal details that may not seem important to others, but I see a bigger picture emerging!).
  First of all, within a one month period between May and June in 1977, I turned twenty-one, I Married my high school sweetheart and was given the tools and the first job/work that would define my occupation for the next thirty years. Two other events that are most memorable to me are, Star Wars release June '77 and the death of Elvis Presley(later that summer). I know these are all pop culture and pagan events, yet, God' creation is constantly speaking HIS TRUTH (symbolically)through our lies.
  1977 not only was a major personal threshold, but, also a definite cultural turning point. I guess the simplest and most concise way I can describe what I remember is this. Science and Science Fiction began to meld. Art and Spirituality began to blend and world cultures of all sorts seemed to become homogenized or begin to become sifted together in a way that was new to me. Joseph Campbell' book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"(which is all about the homogenization of cultures) was very much at the heart of all this blending and was pointed out by George Lucas as reference for the Star Wars stories. Comparative religion, mythology, anthropology and history(fictitious and otherwise) were all being mixed together in a way that seemed exiting and new at the time. Parapsychology, telekinesis and every form of mysticism turned (so called)science were making a break for our attention. But not only our attention, also our faith. Therein lies the breach. I'm not saying it happened all at once, just that that was a defining year, at least for me.
   And here is my premier example, symbolically, of the type of veil/deception that was taking hold during that period.
                        The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge  

  ...a book actually published in 1968(the year I was saved) as a work of Anthropology by Carlos Castaneda as his masters thesis at UCLA, turned out to be a fictional account which blended aspects of spirituality and mythology(not to mention his own made-up stories) from predominantly Meso-American Indians and a variety of cultural influences, Buddhist, Taoism and various eastern religious traditions. Putting into practice(in a VERY deceptive way) the very deception that Joseph Campbell was already spinning. I read this book of lies in the spring of 1977 and it changed my walked...for many years I hung onto every lie that this trickster wove. Thank Heavens the Lord of creation intervened!
  My point is that this work is symbolic of a change that took place in 1977 that had to do with blending of truth with lies and then presenting it as science, which has become(and had become already) the NEW RELIGION.....and the pop-culture that willingly creates, gives and receives this new indoctrination(all within its own body, mind and soul).

  So, Nicole, here we are thirty-three years hence and the baby has come to full, what do we have?...a mixture that produces confusion, which is "Mystery Babylon".
   I was born in 1956(the year of J. Campbell' seminal work in comparative mythology, "The Masks of God"), so for me the child is father to the man and has actually had much longer to mature. GOD is long-suffering! But, his(Campbell') classification of the Truth of the LIVING GOD with the lies and myths of the world define the nature of our society today and throughout time since the Tower of Babel! I suppose the idea that a so-called respected teacher of a blend of religion, mythology and anthropology seems very sophisticated. And so he is, but, sophistry is another creation of man and only adds to the confusion. Today's confusion, and eternities evil!

  Now, quickly back to Elvis. Elvis' death(and life too) was symbolic of some aspect of America(and therefore the world)...the fact that he was a pop singer, actor, veteran...humble and vain at the same time, talented, yet, exaggerated in his execution, an anti-drug advocate addicted to drugs himself, a gospel-loving sort of karate kid that with a new age kind of twist, wanted to judo-chop and "proffer pink Cadillacs" his way into the Kingdom. One only needs to be a little honest with ones self to see how Elvis is endemic of America today!
  Like Elvis, with America on the world stage now, we're overdressed, eyes shaded from the light, pharmaceutically scripted-up in an exotic self-parody of a once interesting, yet, pseudo-imaginary self-image, entertaining our way to the apocalypse with an audience still thrilled and intoxicated beyond any understanding or rationale and in love with the deadly finale. Not until we hear our own death rattle will we believe its anything more than a TV show or movie, and even then we'll still be waiting for a word from our sponsors!
  I worked in a record shop in Elvis' home town(Tupelo, Ms.) at the time of his death. Everyone's reaction was startling to me(since I wasn't particularly a fan)....let me put it to you like this, the world SHOULD have reacted to Christ' murder the way they reacted to Elvis' convoluted suicide. It was just that stupid! He was truly idolized and a perfect image of just how screwed up we really are. Really.
  But, I digress, Star Wars was released about two months before E' undoing....hey, wait a minute, lets have some fun for all those number nuts out there. From May 25th to Aug. 16th of 1977 is 84(inclusive) days. Hey, thats our rapture number from the story of Anna in Luke 2:36-37 that Dianna L. had asked about earlier this month. What do you think guys, more confirmation to the catching away of the Saints? Yes, I think so....."Luke, beware the dark side."...a warning for us all of these past 33 years. I guess what Star Wars did was give a sort of clinical description of spiritual forces that are available for use and abuse by "the Initiated".
  Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm really feeling good about this week! And I don't even like christmas as its celebrated!

  So, to sum it all up.. 1977 was definitely the year that I feel marked the beginning of the end....Star Wars signifying the beginning and Elvis the end.
                                     ALL my love to my brothers and sister and if all goes as HOPED, we may be
                                           dinning together by the end of the week, I look forward to it,  Chris K.